About Irma

Irma Kalnina Consulting offers the highest quality standards of training programs and consultation in business etiquette, communications, and protocol based on long-standing professional expertise.

About Irma

Irma Kalnina is an international specialist in professional etiquette, communications and protocol. A graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science degree in education, she has studied at the Washington School of Protocol and under the renowned international etiquette expert Letitia Baldridge in Washington, D.C. She has supplemented that with studies at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy in Brussels, Belgium and Richard Lewis Communications, Hampshire, United Kingdom.
Irma Kalnina

Her practical knowledge of etiquette and protocol was acquired as the wife of Latvia’s Ambassador to the United States in Washington, D.C. from 1993 until 2000. In 2001, Irma Kalnina began to offer professional etiquette courses in Latvia while also developing the practice of philanthropy at the NGO Centre in Riga. She introduced the idea of corporate social responsibility to the Latvian business community, worked with the Kids First Fund to support abused children and mothers, is actively involved in Latvia’s Foster Family Society, and participated in the creation of the on line on-line charity fundraising organization Ziedot.lv. Irma is also an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Since 2005 Irma Kalnina is founder and president of the global business etiquette, protocol and communications company, SIA Irmas Kalniņas Konsultācija (Irma Kalnina Consulting, IKC). Ms. Kalniņa is active in the hospitality industry and has trained personnel at Latvia’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. Since 2012 she serves as a lecturer at the renowned Jazeps Vitols Latvian Music Academy in Riga, teaching Professional Etiquette and Concert Stage Deportment. In 2014, Ms. Kalniņa was invited to lecture at three of China’s most elite business and foreign studies universities.

Highlights of Significant Events

Riga Centre Humanities High School. It was a pleasure to know that the students in this photo, now 10th graders, were my students when they were in 4th grade. It’s truly rewarding for me to hear that they remembered our lessons.
Irma Kalnina hosts an afternoon of educational entertainment on Essentials of Business Etiquette: a must know to know for BTP Real Estate, commemorating their 15th anniversary.
Irma sharing some secrets about key networking skills, including how to properly present oneself and make the right introduction, at the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. Members were asked to prepare three different assignments on their fundraising experience with the aim to initiate group discussions and networking.
The popular weekly magazine “Ir” sponsors a special event on “The Strength of First Impressions” with Irma Kalnina as guest lecturer.
Irma Kalnina trains the Chancery of the President of the Republic of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis.
Irma Kalnina meeting with Shanghai National Audit Institute President Li Kouquing, Ph.D. and Vice President Lu Wenbin, Ph.D.
Irma Kalnina lecturing on Business Etiquette and Communications to the Cytec Global Business Service Centre in Riga, Latvia.
In 2012, Irma Kalnina met again with Hillary Clinton in her capacity as US Secretary of State.

In the News

What are people saying?
On behalf of all Allergan Baltics team, me and our Manager Aušra would like to say big thank you for wonderful and very interesting lecture in Malpils, Latvia, last week.
It was really very informative and useful: some of my colleagues have already caught your ideas and looks more professional.
Gabija Matonytė — Sales Programme Coordinator and Compliance Manager
With regards to the upcoming Latvian Presidency in the Council of the European Union, I had the honour of attending a lecture on diplomatic etiquette presented by Irma Kalniņa. Irma Kalniņas experience and knowledge were what made this lecture into one of the most useful throughout the preparation. The lecture was well adapted to the young audience and therefore made the diplomatic etiquette easy to understand. From this lecture, I learned a great deal of useful information and advice that will be used during the whole presidency and in the future.
Justīne Elferte — Liaison Officer for the Latvian Presidency in the Council of the EU at Riga Graduate School of Law
In the era of global economy, one cannot excel in the marketplace without cross cultural awareness, proper etiquette and effective communication skills. In fact, a business person who trades internationally must have formal diplomacy skills. Having understood this necessity, we booked two full days seminar for our C level executives with Irma Kalnina’s firm. It is my pleasure to say that everybody has been deeply impressed with the quality of the presentation, the usefulness of the material and overall charisma and passion with which Irma Kalnina delivered her two day course in etiquette and formal protocol.
Denis Gorškovs — CEO of Diatom Enterprises
The student fraternity Tervetia successfully cooperated with Irma Kalnina to organize etiquette courses for fraternity members. These courses achieved the desired result in keeping with our fraternity’s goals: to unite and educate new students so that they can be developed into honorable and capable members of the country and society; individuals who act according to the principles of honor and justice, and are courageous, self-sufficient and responsive.
Irma Kalnina has demonstrated that she is social partner we can rely upon to provide us with the highest level of courses in etiquette. As an instructor she not only offered lessons but also undertook preliminary research which allowed for Dlexible responses to a variety of professional and scheduling challenges. We welcome working with Irma Kalnina on etiquette training in the future.
Mārtiņš Vilnītis — Tervetia (Latvian student fraternity)
Irma Kalnins’ Communications laboratory was truly valuable and exceptionally relevant for our firm’s lawyers. With her wealth of experience and captivating sense of humor, Irma motivated us to better understand ourselves and those with whom we speak. Irma stresses that the foundation of all communication is attitude, and with her positive and relaxed approach she inspires audiences toward enjoyable and successful communication. Even many months after our sessions, we have noticed how Irma’s advice has helped us polish our communications skills in various work situations.
Ingrīda Kariņa-Bērziņa — Cobalt partner
AS BALTICOVO worked with etiquette and protocol expert Irma Kalnins and participated in her seminars about working lunches, effective communication, and Gold Standard relations with clients. After these seminars I. Kalnins was invited to help with the development of a dress code handbook for our management. This handbook is still used when we bring in new employees. During the development of the handbook she also accompanied our employees on shopping trips for clothes and evaluated samples chosen by our company. During the seminars, theory was supplemented with assignments related to the given theme. She also shared examples from her professional life. Our employees remember I. Kalnins with fondness and are grateful for the opportunity to get to know such a highly qualified expert.
Ilze Eglīte — Office and Personnel Director, Balticovo
Participation in international meetings and conferences is an important part of the everyday work of Latvijas Bankas managers, economists and other specialists. Irma Kalnins’ course “Effective participation in international meetings” illuminated the nuances of international business etiquette that help lead to constructive discussions. It also strengthened confidence in effective communication, and offered practical and useful advice on the use of the English language, as well as resolving various business situations. In addition, the time spent in intensive work together with colleagues has been a valuable opportunity for foster teamwork and personal development.
Vineta Veikmane — Latvijas Banka Assistant Director, Personnel managment
Information technology is something universal. Today it is an inseperable part of our lives regardless of the kind of work you do. That’s especially why an IT specialist must not only know his product but must also detect and adapt to a variety of signals that come from the outside world. Etiquete is a complex collection of signals, the knowledge of which is essential in the arsenal of any IT specialist - after all, we are the ones building bridges between various worlds! Thank you to Irma for introducing us to the detection and translation of these signals!
Ēriks Eglītis — Director, Microsoft Latvia
We chose Irma Kalnins’ courses in order to improve the communications skills of our hospitality staff and to deepend their understanding of etiquette. These courses opened a new page in hospitality standards for us and not only enhanced our employees’ competence but also inspired them thanks to Mrs. Kalnins’ personal life stories. In my view, these courses were among the most valuable we have ever undertaken to fully develop the quality of our firms’ offerings.
Jānis Pinnis — Director, Le Dome Hotel & SPA
Irma Kalnins’ personal experience, professionalism, tactfulness and personal charm are value in and of themselves. Theory, practical examples and exercises were balanced and supplemented one another, giving added opportunities to identify with the subject matter. I especially liked the fact that during the course “Etiquette and Protocol” a personalized approach was used, tailored to the needs and requirements of each participant. This enabled them to better understand the internal logic of certain situations at work or in their personal lives. The opportunity to enjoy Irma Kalnins’ presentation has been one of the best experiences in recent memory. One of the main truths that I personally received was understanding that good style requires both heart and mind!
Inga Veinberga — Latvijas Gāze, International Relations Specialist