Tips on Networking

Irmas Kalniņa

Who networks? Everyone for different goals—either social or professional, or even, for those of us perpetually between, both. Why? Many reasons, depending on the individual and the situation.

Unfortunately, networking just isn't easy. Beyond the social pitfalls of how to communicate across cultures or social spheres, it can be plain difficult to talk with strangers. In the beginning it may be a struggle—often even awkward—but with enough practice, talking with people you don’t know becomes easier.

Networking as an activity, not an obligation

For those of you who have ever challenged their physical capabilities, look at networking or small talk as a sport. Learn the tactics of the game, research your opponent, plan your game as well as your opponent’s strategy, have your gear in order, warm-up—then go out to the playing field. Sound familiar? Let's expand on this theory!

What should you keep in mind during networking?

That sounds easy, but a little broad. What should you not do?

Tips on good networking skills:

What the end result of good networking? It gets your name and your company name out there, yields good information about something or someone, acquires you a future contact, some tips on posibilities, and so on. Good luck!

We begin 2016 with fresh inspiration and a challenging new goal: to write Latvia’s first blog about etiquette! My goal is to write this blog in an informal way, with humour and examples from real life situations. I wish to share my experiences, observations, and opinions not only in these blog articles but also in my Facebook postings. Most of all, I want to help those who want to help themselves in getting the most out of their daily relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and clients.
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